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Metrowest Travel League

The Metrowest Travel League is operated independently of the WYBA.
The WYBA will field two (2) teams per grade level.  Players are selected
for these teams after a three-day tryout period in October.

NEW UNIFORM POLICY:  TRAVEL TEAM UNIFORMS for the 2014-15 Season were included in the price of the Travel Registration.  You will see this year (2015-16 Season) we lowered the price of registration back to the previous year, but that is because now all players from last year should have a uniform.   Should they make a team then they do not have to purchase a uniform, however if your child has not played before in travel or you simply want a new uniform for them if they make a team,  then you can purchase the full uniform (Shirt and Shorts on the website).  Having a uniform or being on a team from last year in no way guarantees you will make a team the next year.  These new uniforms were greeted with very positive feedback last year when introduced.  We now have a much higher quality uniform that is reversible from full orange to full white.  It WILL BE YOURS TO OWN.  That is right no more returning your uniform at the end of the year.  We intend to have the proper sizes for trying on after the tryouts at a designated location to be announced.   This will ensure the perfect fit for your child (at least until they grow out of them) and as promised last year if your child can reuse their old uniform you can now opt out of a brand new uniform if your child does not want or need one.  WE will move their number forward.  That's right no CHOOSING NUMBERS we will assign one and it will be carried forward year to year.  New players coming from REC or moves up and down will be dealt with by our very capable Apparel and Equipment Staff.  This has been a long time coming and we are excited to look great on the courts for our second year and years to come so our UNIFORMS finally match your great players skills.



This is an extremely competitive program designed for those children interested in a higher level of competition.  This program runs from approx.  October 15 – March 15.  Every team practices twice weekly for 90 minutes per practice with games on Sundays.  There is an additional fee for participating in this program, which will be outlined in the registration material.

Travel teams will consist of between 10 or 12 players per team.  The board of directors reserves the right to review and adjust team roster sizes as it sees fit.  With many kids trying out, it is a very difficult task selecting a team.  Mistakes can be made; however, with the experienced coaching staff and selection committees, they do the best job they can.  Bear in mind, everyone involved is a volunteer.

Eligibility for Metrowest teams:

Boys and Girls in grades 3 – 8 are eligible to tryout for a Metrowest team.  Boys and Girls in 3rd grade will tryout for the 4th grade team while all other grades field teams at the appropriate level.

You must be a resident of Walpole to have your child tryout for this program.

Directions and Maps to many of the gyms can be found on our Courts link or by going to the Metrowest Website Directions page.